Mark Hassett
Mark Hassett
49er Sailor
ClubSchull Sailing Club, Baltimore Sailing Club
When and where did you first try sailing?
In a family boat when I was around 5, at home in Baltimore.
Who introduced you to sailing?
My parents. What was the first boat you raced? Topaz.
What was the first race you won?
A club race in a topaz.
When did you first represent Ireland?
At the ISAF team racing world championships in 2011.
How did you progress from a Club sailor to an Olympic class sailor?
With lots of hours training. I wasn’t a natural but I spent more time training than anyone I knew and I got good slowly. Fionn Lyden and Darragh McCormack the guys I sailed with at home were a huge influence on me.
What’s your boat name?
The new one’s called Wet Dreams. We had a boat called Moist before that.
Who has been the biggest influence in your career to date?
I’d say David Harte and my parents.
What was your worst sailing moment?
Probably finishing 9th in the team racing world championships in 2015.
What was your best sailing moment?
First time sailing a 49er.
What is your favourite boat to sail?
49er definitely
What do you eat for breakfast on a race day?
5 eggs, a bowl of porridge and a banana.
What three things are always in your suitcase?
Phone charger, laptop, toilet bag.
What is the best sailing venue in Ireland?
What is the best sailing venue in the world?
What was your most expensive sailing accident?
Snapping a 49er mast training in Spain.
What’s the top speed you’ve reached sailing?
22 knots
If you weren’t a full-time sailor what would you be?
Do you have any heroes?
Richie McCaw, Pete Burling, Blair Tuke
Do you play any other sports?
I used to play rugby but stopped when I started taking sailing more seriously. We do a lot of cycling for our aerobic fitness.
What do you do for fun?
When I’m not 49er sailing it’d have to be team racing or heading out with my friends.
What’s your best attribute?
I’m really hard working.
What’s your worst habit?
Getting pretty wound up before big events and forgetting clean socks when I’m in the gym.
What makes you angry?
I’m a pretty bad loser.
What’s your dream holiday?
Somewhere sunny.
What’s your favourite food?
Lasagne and burritos.
Who’s your favourite band?
What’s your favourite TV show or movie?
The Simpsons, Game of Thrones
If you had a theme song – what would it be?
The Bad Touch
If they made a movie of your life – who would play you?
Tom Hardy
In 10 years’ time I would like to be:
An Olympic Gold medallist, 49er and team racing world champion and coaching an Irish Olympic team.