Aoife Hopkins
Aoife Hopkins
Laser Radial Sailor
ClubHowth Yacht Club
When and where did you first try sailing?
Howth yacht club when I was 9 years old
Who introduced you to sailing?
My dad, he’s always loved it!
What was the first boat you raced?
The optimist
What was the first race you won?
I think it was at the clontarf regatta sailing oppies
When did you first represent Ireland?
At the british nationals when i was on the under 12s squad
How did you progress from a Club sailor to an Olympic class sailor?
I worked really hard, I’ve been sailing between two and four times a week for the past eight years! Absolutely loving it really helps
Who has been the biggest influence in your career to date?
Probably my dad, he’s a good sailor and we always have in depth discussions about the conditions post-frostbite sailing.
What was your worst sailing moment?
Probably when I was winning a race in the oppie British nationals and then swamped and came last, it was pretty upsetting for 11 year old me!
What was your best sailing moment?
Definitely the first time I sailed a laser, they’re beautiful boats
What is your favourite boat to sail?
Laser Radial!
What do you eat for breakfast on a race day?
Recently I’ve taken to porridge and bananas.
What three things are always in your suitcase?
An adaptor, a book and earplugs.
What is the best sailing venue in Ireland?
I always really liked dunmore east in waterford
What is the best sailing venue in the world?
That I’ve been to so far….brest, France.
What was your most expensive sailing accident?
When I capsized racing in the laser munsters and someone sailed over my sail and ripped it
What’s the top speed you’ve reached sailing
? I’m not sure, I’ve only started using a speedo recently. Probably about 10 knots.
If you weren’t a full-time sailor what would you be?
I’m still in full-time education but I would definitely still be a sports person!
Do you play any other sports?
No. I used to play hockey, basketball, volleyball and do swimming. But with school, sailing and a 7 day fitness programme they had to go.
What do you do for fun?
I love hanging out with friends, shopping, watching films and reading.
What’s your best attribute?
Probably my work ethic, I never do anything half-way.
What’s your worst habit?
Getting distracted by books when I should be studying
What makes you angry?
Sailors breaking the rules and not doing turns
What’s your dream holiday?
Skiing in the Italian Alps
What’s your favourite food?
Who’s your favourite band?
Fall out boy
What’s your favourite TV show or movie?
I’m currently in love with Marvel’s Daredevil
If you had a theme song – what would it be?
Don’t stop believing
If they made a movie of your life – who would play you?
Emma Watson
In 10 years’ time I would like to be:
Working as an actuary and sailing, hopefully having won an Olympic medal