Sean Waddilove
Sean Waddilove
49er Sailor
ClubSkerries Sailing Club and Howth Yacht Club
When and where did you first try sailing?
I first tried sailing in 2005 I think in Skerries Sailing Club.
Who introduced you to sailing?
I was introduced to sailing through a Taste of Sailing Course which was being held in Skerries Sailing Club.
What was the first boat you raced?
The first boat I raced was an optimist.
What was the first race you won?
My first big race win was at the 420 European Championships in Gydnia, Poland in 2014.
When did you first represent Ireland?
I first represented Ireland when I was on the Optimist Under 12 Squad back in 2009.
How did you progress from a Club sailor to an Olympic class sailor?
I progressed from a Club sailor to an Olympic class sailor by moving into the 420 class after Optimists and progressing from the 420 Academy into the Development Squad in the 49er class after 420s.
What’s your boat name?
Unfortunately doesn’t have one.
What was your worst sailing moment?
Racing in Weymouth in the Winter and honestly fearing I was going to get hyperthermia. Half the fleet had gone before the racing was abandoned as a result of the weather conditions.
What was your best sailing moment?
Rounding the windward mark in first place in the fist race of the 2014 420 World Championships in Travemunde, Germany
What is your favourite boat to sail?
What do you eat for breakfast on a race day?
Weetabix with honey.
What three things are always in your suitcase?
My sunglasses, sun cream and runners.
What is the best sailing venue in Ireland?
From the few occasions I have sailed there, Spideal in Galway. It’s not every day you get to sail with dolphins.
What is the best sailing venue in the world?
What was your most expensive sailing accident?
Breaking two masts in the space of about 3 months in the 420.
What’s the top speed you’ve reached sailing?
I have no idea but I’m guessing about 20knts in the 49er.
If you weren’t a full-time sailor what would you be?
I would probably be a rugby or gaelic player like the rest of my friends.
Do you play any other sports?
I cycle and run to keep up my fitness.
What do you do for fun?
Hanging out with friends.
What’s your best attribute?
My punctuality.
What’s your worst habit?
Bitting my nails.
What makes you angry?
People arriving late.
What’s your dream holiday?
My dream holiday would be somewhere hot with lots of water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing.
What’s your favourite food?
There are way too many to choose from. Food is my favourite thing.
Who’s your favourite band?
I’m not too keen on bands but my favourite group would be Years & Years.
What’s your favourite TV show or movie?
My favourite TV show is MisFits.
If you had a theme song – what would it be?
On Top by Flume.
If they made a movie of your life – who would play you?
I honestly have no idea.
In 10 years’ time I would like to be:
Preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games.